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Mercer County Democrats Announce New Leadership

A new chair and vice-chair of the Mercer County Democratic Executive Committee were elected at the February meeting. Sophia Rodriguez, newly elected chair for the committee, hopes to bring new leadership, organizational skills, experienced communication practices, and a strong democratic voice to lead those citizens to a new political landscape. “Our mission to support local, state, and national candidates must also include any citizen to meet the challenges of a fair and just society. We must be willing to step outside of our box of comfort and boldly engage with all persons of interest and face the challenges of truth,” Sophia announced in a letter to committee members.

Immediately following the chair election, a new vice-chair was elected. Don Holtvoigt shared, “It would be my intent to partner with the committee chair in forwarding the goals of the Mercer County Democratic Party, and to serve as another public face for all members of the Executive Committee. I am committed to the ideology of the Democratic Party and would, to the best of my ability, work to promote those concepts in Mercer County and beyond. A lifelong Democrat, I have spent a good deal of that life working on various political campaigns and serving in volunteer leadership positions.”

The new leadership team has set forth goals including increasing active membership, local awareness, and inclusiveness in our local community. Both agree that many citizens are disengaging with the Republican Party in lieu of the past election and events of January 6th  and hope that the Mercer County Democrats can be their new political home.