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Contribute to a Statewide Candidate = Get a State Tax Credit 💸

Quick reminder about the Ohio income tax nonrefundable credit (not deduction!) for contributions to STATE (and only state) candidate campaign contributions. Simply make a contribution by the end of the year and get it back on your tax return!   
The Ohio Statehouse voted to remove this credit in 2019, then reinstated it at a later date. Contributions or gifts to Candidate Committees are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes but Ohio taxpayers may claim a state tax credit for contributions made to political campaign committees of candidates for statewide office or the General Assembly. The credit is the lesser of the amount contributed or $50 for an individual return or $100 for a joint return.  (Line 7a on the 2020 Ohio Schedule of Credits (subject to change for 2021)) Consult a tax professional for more information. The following candidate offices are acceptable for this credit: governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state, auditor of state, treasurer of state, attorney general, member of the state board of education, chief justice of the supreme court, justice of the supreme court, or member of the general assembly.
Some State Candidates that could use our “free” fifty ($50) bucks:
(Link to Online Contributions or you can Mail a Check)
Jennifer Brunner for Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court
c/o Gretchen Green, Treasurer
5001 Horizons Drive, Suite 209
Columbus, OH 43220
Magdalene Markward for State Representative
(New 82nd Dist – Paulding / Van Wert / Mercer)
Magdalene Markward Election Committee
365 W. Maple Ave.
Van Wert, OH 45891
Nan Whaley for Governor (Contested Democratic Primary 1/2)
PO Box 2815
Dayton, OH 45401
John Cranley for Governor (Contested Democratic Primary 2/2)
No address listed.
Chelsea Clark for Ohio Secretary of State
Cincinnati, 45202
Jeffrey Crossman for Ohio Attorney General (Just Announced!) 
222 E Town St, Ste 2W
Columbus, OH 43215
Disclaimer: None of these candidates have been endorsed by the Mercer County Democratic Party and additional candidates may still run for these positions. This information is just being distributed as time is of the essence in using the potential tax credit.