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Who We Are

We are strong public servants who believe in Liberty, Equality, and Unity for ALL.


We support Democrats leading local, state, and national efforts to create a fair and just society for all citizens.



  • inclusive society
  • strong public education
  • affordable healthcare
  • economic stability
  • worker protections
  • food and housing security
  • child safety policies
  • environmental stewardship
  • effective national security


The Mercer County Democratic Party generally meet on the 1st Monday of the month at the Richardson-Bretz Building (behind the Celina Library) at 7:00pm. Please check our calendar for updates / changes.

Central & Executive Committees

The Mercer County Democratic Party is made up of both the Central & Executive Committees. The Central Committee members are elected representatives of the people at the most local level. As an elected official, the committee person represents the people in the precinct and serves as a communication link between the Democratic Party, elected officials, and the citizens of the precinct.

The role of the central committee person is to encourage community involvement and political involvement at a grassroots level, by providing information and opportunity for participation in the political process.

The County Central Committee confers upon the County Executive Committee all power and authority of the County Central Committee. The Executive Committee  and the County Executive Committee shall be authorized to act for the County Central Committee in all things pertaining to the welfare, business, operation, and organization of the County Central Committee and the Mercer County Democratic Party.

The Executive Committee is comprised of all Central Committee members; all Democratic Mercer County elected non-Judicial officials and all past Democratic County Chairpersons. Whenever the Mercer County Democratic Women’s Organization and the Mercer County Young Democrats are active, each organization will appoint a person to serve as a member on the
Executive Committee. Additionally, fifteen (15) additional At Large members may be appointed by the Executive Committee. These appointments should be inclusive and broadly represent the diversity and constituencies of the Democratic Party as a whole.

The members of the Mercer County Democratic Party Executive Committee will work in order to organize and perpetuate a representative, effective, and responsible party organization at all levels in Mercer County Ohio; affiliate with and advance the interest of the Democratic Party for the state of Ohio and nationally; sustain and advance the principles of democracy; and uphold human and civil rights and constitutional government. 

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