Precinct Chair Academy

It is increasingly important for our precinct chairs to maintain relationships with voters in their respective communities. These grassroots efforts will help us ride the blue way into the 2018 elections and beyond.

Here you can find tools to help you connect with your precinct voters.




Sample Ballot 2018:

Blank Letterhead:

2018 Primary Letter to Send to Precinct Members:

Board of Elections Information:

The Board of Elections can provide you with information about your precinct, including but not limited to:

  • A list of voters in your precinct.
  • A walking list of voters as if you were walking up and down the streets.
  • Sample ballots.
  • And much more!

Other Assistance:

Assistance is available for printing labels, letters or walking lists. Please contact Deb at 419.733.3018 or email: if you need assistance.
The executive committee can also help cover the costs for creating materials.