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Letter to Editor (2)

The President and the NRA currently are recommending that we take six to eight teachers/coaches and allow them to carry concealed weapons to help prevent further school shootings.  By implementing this policy, we would have around a half a million armed educators (I...

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Letter to the Editor

Another day and another mass school shooting tragedy.  It seems like as these events become even more predictable and frequent, the time for action is indeed long past due.  Thoughts and prayers while always welcome and appropriate, have not been enough to stop the...

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Election 2018 Governor Debate

The four men running in the Democratic primary for Ohio governor agreed on plenty of issues but it sure didn’t sound like it in their first debate. Bill O’Neill called Richard Cordray “Prince Richard,” saying that the Ohio Democratic Party is ready for a coronation....

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration Breakfast

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration Breakfast, 8-10 a.m., Veterans Memorial Civic & Convention Center, 7 Town Square, Lima. Calling Out for a TEAM of DOERS for Re-districting petitions. This Monday in LIMA, January 15th. Similar events are happening all-over...

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Annual Fall Dinner

Join the Mercer County Democrats at our Annual Fall Dinner at Coldwater Depot! Doors open at 6pm with dinner at 6:30pm. Cash bar available. Keynote speaker: J Micheal Galbraith, Democratic Candidate for US House of Representatives District 5 We will be accepting...

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The Burn from Equifax

Are you doing a slow burn over the credit agency Equifax? They let your personal information be compromised (stolen.) I followed Equifax instructions to check if my personal information had been compromised. When the web page links did not work I remained calm; even...

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Mercer County Rockstars!

A message from the organizers of Fair Districts Fair Elections: Kathy, I really appreciate your hard work in Mercer County. The activists in your county did such a good job. Mercer County was one of eight that hit the 5% target. Please let everyone know how much the...

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Readers write – Asking the great questions – June 12, 2017

Asking the great questions President Trump’s declaration to opt out of the Paris Climate Agreement has raised great concern. He claims that environmental regulations cause job losses and that regulations are the reason for the sluggish economy. I am just reading David...

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Readers write – Find a reasonable health-care bill

Readers write Find a reasonable health-care bill Below is my recollection of a conversation between the hosts and guests of the “Morning Joe” show on May 9. It caught my attention especially because it seems to be in sync with my wife’s, Carol’s, letter last week...

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