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Mercer County Young Democrats - Coming Soon!

Meeting Information:

The Mercer County Democratic Party meets the third Tuesday of every month at 7:00pm in the Mercer County Court House Auditorium.

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Young Democrats:

The Mercer County Young Democrats meet the third Wednesday of every month at 7:30pm in the Richardson-Bretz Building (Behind the Mercer County Library). Please visit our Facebook Group for more info/ up to date info. 



Chairperson – Craig Klopfleisch

Vice Chairperson – Deb Sneddon

Secretary – Mauri Cron

Treasurer – Mike Heitkamp

Party Updates:

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration Breakfast

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration Breakfast, 8-10 a.m., Veterans Memorial Civic & Convention Center, 7 Town Square, Lima. Calling Out for a TEAM of DOERS for Re-districting petitions. This Monday in LIMA, January 15th. Similar events are happening all-over Ohio!...

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Annual Fall Dinner

Join the Mercer County Democrats at our Annual Fall Dinner at Coldwater Depot! Doors open at 6pm with dinner at 6:30pm. Cash bar available. Keynote speaker: J Micheal Galbraith, Democratic Candidate for US House of Representatives District 5 We will be accepting...

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Upcoming Events:

Annual Fall Dinner

Join the Mercer County Democrats at our Annual Fall Dinner at Coldwater Depot!

Doors open at 6pm with dinner at 6:30pm. Cash bar available.
Keynote speaker: J Micheal Galbraith, Democratic Candidate for US House of Representatives District 5
We will be accepting donations of non-perishable food items for Our Home.
Additional fundraising activities incude a 50/50 raffle and a Silent Auction. Donations for the Auction are accepted the day of the dinner.
Tickets are 25.00 payable at the door.
RSVP to Pat Franzer by phone at 419.942.3680 or via email at

The Burn from Equifax

Are you doing a slow burn over the credit agency Equifax? They let your personal information be compromised (stolen.) I followed Equifax instructions to check if my personal information had been compromised. When the web page links did not work I remained calm; even when I was told I had to wait until September 13 (a 5-day wait assigned by Equifax) to find out if my information was compromised and to be able to sign-up for identity fraud protection free for a year, I did not start a slow burn.  Don’t you just Iove the antiseptic word they use for stolen?  When I found out that three executives at Equifax waited months to tell us about the STOLEN information while they quietly sold their Equifax stock before the price of the stock drop, my burn started.  That dido is called insider trading and I believe it is a crime.  Ask Martha Steward about that.

Supposedly I can sign up for free protection, right? What I can do is signup to get an e-mail to sign up for the free protection; I am still waiting for the e-mail.  It has been a long time since my information was STOLEN.

I did talk by phone with a nice lady at Equifax who told me about “Locking and/or Freezing” my credit reports. She explained what these were and gave me addresses of other agencies where I could get help.

I am still trying to lock or freeze my credit reports.  Why is this so hard to do?  I believe a lot of this has to do with congress’s fetish with removing all regulations.  If a regulation does no good and hinders one doing business without causing harm to another individual, I am all for removing it.  But, I think we are all in for a super lesson where the insane belief that all regulations are bad is about to bite us.  Experian, one of the other two major credit agencies, lists all the “HARD HITS” (credit checks) to my account from the past three years.  I had multiple hits that I am supposed to have initiated.  There is not enough information to tell who initiated the checks or who requested the checks.  Fortunately for me, the hits occurred before the data breach.  But why isn’t this information available to me?

On the Experian web page, I followed multiple links to allow me to freeze my credit reports.  The last of these links said “enter your credit card information for payment.”  What payment for how much?  It seems Ohio allows credit agency to charge fees to freeze and unfreeze your reports. Not all states allow the credit agency to charge for this service.  You can sit back and praise the legislators attacking the newly formed Consumer Protection Agency or Elizabeth Warren for fighting to establish it, but you are about to find out who has your back or where ever else you and I are about to get bitten.

Article Submitted by Jesse Parete, Celina OH.  This Article does not necessarily represent the views of the Mercer County Democrats or members.


Mercer County Rockstars!

A message from the organizers of Fair Districts Fair Elections:

I really appreciate your hard work in Mercer County. The activists in your county did such a good job. Mercer County was one of eight that hit the 5% target. Please let everyone know how much the team here in Columbus appreciate the generous contribution to the ballot committee and the energy that you all put into collecting signatures. You all have bragging rights!
Let me know if you have suggestions for inspiring volunteers in the surrounding counties.
Thank you, thank you and thank you!



Readers write – Change Takes Work

Readers write
Change takes work

A few years ago, I decided I needed to change my kitchen. I wanted to open it up so that traffic would flow easily, especially when we were entertaining. I spent several months looking at other kitchen plans and asking people what they thought I could do. I finally decided to take out the bar and put in an island instead. I called a contractor to give me an estimate and his ideas on what should be done. I liked some
of his ideas, but his price was more than I wanted to pay. The big thing that we agreed upon was that my original plan would relieve the congestion in my kitchen and that some of his ideas would make the kitchen both attractive and functional. But there was a whole lot that we did not agree upon. So, I continued to think about some of his ideas to see if any could enhance my own plan.

I finally decided to take the big step to start the renovation even though I knew some issues might cause big problems, like the size and shape of the island, if moving some cabinets around and having a couple built would really work, when to redo the flooring, and if I could get some new appliances I wanted. Creating the island immediately relieved the congestion in the kitchen and I was very pleased. However, we spent several months living with an island top that was a painted piece of wood. The new cabinet we had built did not exactly match our other cabinets. So, we had to find a fix for that. But after about a year and numerous headaches, we have a kitchen that is extremely functional and very lovely.

But why would you care about my kitchen?

My renovation work is kind of like the current state of health care in this nation. Just as I knew I wanted a kitchen that was more functional, our nation has known for many years that our health care system needed some overhaul.

Under President Obama’s presidency a health-care bill was passed to do many of the things that Americans wanted. It covered people with pre-existing conditions, took away lifetime caps and allowed children to stay on their parents’ plans. It gave health insurance to millions of people who never before could afford it. That gave hope, health and life to many people.

However, like my kitchen renovation, the ACA has run into other problems that may not have been fully anticipated. I didn’t throw away my whole house because I ran into some problems. I looked for solutions to make my kitchen wonderful. We need to find solutions to the health-care plan
because the premiums and deductibles are too high for many people. I do not know these solutions, but my guess is that if enough people put their heads together to find a solution instead of just blaming each other, one will be found.

Carol Parete,