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Readers Write – Care for others

Care for others

We pride ourselves on being a Christian nation, at least in the principles and morals that we use to conduct our lives. I do not mean that we are all Christians but I do believe that all legitimate religions and those who claim to be spiritual profess many of the same principles and morals that serve as the code of conduct for those who believe in them. A main principle is that we love and care for each other.

If you believe that you live by this basic morality, then it is time that you take a stand and start saying and acting upon what you believe.

If we love and care for each other then we cannot be quiet while people in our own communities do not have adequate health care or resources to improve their lives. We cannot stand by while bills are being passed and executive orders signed that take away rather than help them. Have you listened to some of the proposals of the potential new healthcare bill?

We cannot look the other way when rules and regulations are being signed away that protect all of us from our own vices. For instance, how can we stand and watch the EPA be torn apart when it protects and enables us to hopefully have the planet to live on and for our children and our children’s children to live on. We do not own the Earth; we are just residents and it is vital that we act as stewards of the Earth. Unfortunately, our human tendency is to take and use what we want ignoring what it does to the Earth. How can we continue to pump things from underneath the Earth’s surface and not expect the top surface to cave in? How can we continue to add pollutants to our air and our water and not expect it to hurt us? We cannot expect states to do these things because air and waterways do not care where our state boundaries are. These must be responsibilities of the federal government.

The new proposed budget cuts the State Department’s budget tremendously. Does this mean diplomacy is no longer important and that force will be used more often? What dictates what is important? Is it just what seems to benefit the U.S. today or is it the future of the Earth and all of its inhabitants?

We cannot say “America First” and really mean that. We should be opening our arms to the refugees from around the world and especially from our own western hemisphere. Europe has taken in many refugees from war-torn countries. What have we done? Are we really going to build a wall?

Except for the grace of God, those refugees could be you or I. We had no choice in where we were born, only God did. Do you think God is smiling upon us and the way our nation has been acting toward these crises in the world? I think not. I think it is time that you and I state what we believe and tell our government officials that they are to act with the Christian morals that we all claim to have.

Carol Parete,

THE DAILY STANDARD, Saturday, April 15, 2017